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About Me

I am looking to transition into software development. I have over 10 years of experience in library related information technology of all types. My work has mainly revolved around integrated library system administration, including Sierra, Millennium, Symphony, and Polaris.

I have completed the Free Code Camp Front End Certification, graduated Epicodus bootcamp for Ruby on Rails, and Fullstack Academy for full stack JavaScript. If you want to know more about my professional background and skills, please feel free to click on the buttons in the section above and the projects listed below.

When not working with information technology, my interests include all things Michigan sports related, visiting new places, and spending time with my wife Melanie along with our kitty Monty.

Why development?

I am often asked why I want to move into software development. There are 2 reasons I want to move into development: 1) I like to build new services & 2) To help people make better decisions.

An example of how these tie together would be when I worked at Tillamook County Library, our ILS, Sierra started shipping with APIs. I wanted to create an application called 'Lost Treasures' of items that for whatever reason had failed to circulate in a given timeframe. Searching could be done by a variety areas such as subject heading and material type. This would give another access point for patrons to browse and a tool for power users to find items they have not seen or used previously.

Tools & Expertise



Technology Implementations

Chrome DevTools

Project Management

SQL Server Management Studio



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